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Best Coffee Shops In Dusseldorf

When it comes to coffee in Dusseldorf, you’re going to find some fantastic cafes that serve some excellent java drinks. Many of these cafes have their own take on Dusseldorf personality and charm and more shops are appearing constantly. These are the seven best coffee shops in Dusseldorf.

Best Coffee Shops In Dusseldorf


The Best Coffee Shops In Dusseldorf – Woyton

Düsseldorf has 6 Woyton locations each filled with specialty-filtered coffee, but they also serve a great flat white. The coffee shop is always crowded with people catching up and is bustling with life. On top of their coffee selection, they also have a great assortment of teas.

Kaffee Priranten

Kaffee Piraten, located in Unterbilk, is a great place for the whole family – you’ll find an outdoor patio around back for when the weather is warm, a kids corner, and up at the front of the café, you’ll find plenty of spots to get some work done.

Lina’s coffee brew bar & deli

For English speakers, Lina’s coffee is the perfect place to hang out. The food and coffee menu is entirely in English, which makes it easy to order without pulling out a translator or making educated guesses. The food menu has a wide range of breakfast options. I went for the avocado and gouda toast on walnut bread which felt fresh and healthy.

Birdie & Co.

Birdie & Co - Mittelstraße - Dusseldorf cafes

Tucked away in a small business area in Dusseldorf is Birdie & Co. This cafe has amazing charm the second you step inside with their friendly and knowledgeable baristas and quaint ambiance.

Birdie & Co. is great to come to for a morning coffee and snack to start your day.


Woyton is one of the best coffee shops in Dusseldorf and also a specialty cafe and is one of the locals favourite coffee chains (beating out Starbucks). With coffee that is rich in boldness and flavour to their fantastic flat whites, and their creamy cappuccinos, you’ll definitely find a hot cup of java here at Woyton.

Their flat whites and cappuccinos are their most popular specialty coffees so grab those here!

Patisserie Passion

The cakes and desserts at Patisserie Passion are as beautiful to look at as they are delicious to taste. Guests can watch the bakers at work in the open-plan kitchen as they relax in the café; all products here are made using the finest ingredients, including top-quality fruit purees and chocolate.

There are delicious, healthy breakfasts on the menu, including a sharing platter for two, and wraps and quiches at lunchtime, but it’s the elegant patisserie, including petits fours, eclairs and French-style macaroons, that really takes centre stage. Enjoy your selection with a warming drink from the extensive choice of coffees, teas and hot chocolate. If you have a little extra time to spare, baking and chocolate-making courses are available.

Cøffe am Carlsplatz – Carlsplatz

Cøffe am Carlsplatz – Carlsplatz

Wedged in an inconspicuous corner of Carlsplatz, you’d be forgiven for walking straight past this place – but please don’t.

The pint-size venue takes you back to the 70s with its retro-style furnishings and fluffy cushions. But it’s not just the décor which steals the show here, the coffee is also pretty addictive. Various teas and hot chocolates are also on offer, along with freshly made bakery items, including some pretty fine salted caramel and popcorn macarons. Meet you there.


With a classy wooden interior and a delightful terrace in the summertime, Bastian’s is a chic restaurant for a deluxe experience. Located in the historical center at Carlsplatz, the bakery makes warm and crispy breads, croissants and all sorts of pastries that go marvelously with the generous side assortments. Variations of scrambled eggs with fresh cheese, prosciutto or sausages, honey, nuts and of course the in-house loaves are perfect for starting the day.

Café Decker

The Best Coffee Shops In Dusseldorf – Café Decker

Flowery cakes, roasted croissants, heart-shaped cookies, tennis sweet rolls and white or dark chocolate pralines are a marvelous way to start a day at the family owned Café Decker. A wonderland for sweet-toothed travelers, Decker bakes up cakes for every craving, so breakfast is versatile and delicious. One of the favorite pieces is the house special breakfast platter that makes any morning better with Norwegian salmon, wheat bread, butter and French cheese, while Prosecco is just the cherry on top.


A minimalist 1960s Scandinavian interior design with an incredible sixth sense for daring and exquisite international cuisine. Healthy choices abound, as the light, the traditional and the spicy come together here to create a ravishing menu. From red curry with ginger papaya, marinated tofu, roasted nuts and jasmine rice, to summer salads with fried herbs, ratatouille with savory couscous, mint yogurt and parsley, there’s always something new to try at Nooij!

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