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Hilarious Ways To Laugh More Every Single Day

Laughter is good for you because it releases endorphins. The chemical is triggered by genuine laughter. You may not realize it, but you have more control over your laughter than you believe. Give yourself the gift of laughter by doing the following these hilarious ways to laugh more every single day.

Hilarious Ways To Laugh More Every Single Day

Let a funny autocorrect fail ride

The auto-correct feature on our phones works brilliantly most of the time, turning “adn” to “and” before you even know you’ve made a mistake. However, things can go tragically (and hilariously) wrong. Who hasn’t asked their spouse to pick up the kids from school only to have it mysteriously changed to the pool chickens? When it happens next in a text with a loved one (not your boss! ), resist the desire to correct it and send it so you can both enjoy a nice laugh.

Take a laughter yoga class

Take a laughter yoga class |  Hilarious Ways To Laugh More Every Single Day

Yoga is usually seen as a Very Serious Business, but in this new style of class, you can forget about whispering and overpriced Lululemon attire. Laughing yoga is a form of exercise that focuses solely on eliciting genuine and contagious laughter. Have you ever been in a situation when someone else is laughing uncontrollably and you join in, despite having no idea what’s so funny?

This is the primary tenet of this type of yoga, and it’s backed up by science. The brain doesn’t know the difference between genuine and imitated laughter, and it’s relatively simple to convert the latter into the former, producing powerful “happy” brain chemicals. According to study conducted in India, it also has health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and stress hormone levels.

Make friends with laugh-lovers

Make friends with laugh-lovers |  Hilarious Ways To Laugh More Every Single Day

Minimize your exposure to folks in your life who see the world through a glass half-empty lens to assist you stay afloat in these tumultuous waters. There’s no need to get rid of the Debbie Downers completely, but to discourage them from dragging you down, keep interactions brief or schedule activities where laughing (or even silence) is expected.

It’s all about striking a balance, and it’s better for you to favor folks who enjoy laughing over those who are, shall we say, chuckle-challenged.

Go to laughing class

Laughter is contagious in the best possible manner, and an online laughing meditation or laughing yoga session is one location where a good dosage is almost guaranteed. You’ll get built-in guffaws, a rush of feel-good endorphins, and a sense of connection and community with your fellow online classmates, in addition to the physical and/or meditation advantages. And, ideally, one day you’ll be able to attend laughter-based classes in person, resulting in an even bigger smile.

Tell your favorite funny story

One of the hilarious ways to laugh more is to recall a time when you experienced something truly amusing. Do you and your sister have an inside joke? Have you have an unforgettable spring break with your college roommates? Give them a call and take advantage of the opportunity to reminisce about humorous times. Make the narrative as funny as possible—we even grant you license to embellish a little for the sake of hilarity. Tell your parents, kids, or anybody else who would like hearing the story, and then ask them to share one of their funniest recollections.

Give your dog peanut butter

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It’s amusing to see dogs get thrilled about eating anything, but offering them peanut butter is the greatest. Even on the toughest days, seeing them try to lick the sticky goodie off the roofs of their lips will put a smile on your face. There’s so much tongue flailing and beautiful perplexity going on! Peanut butter is on the safe-snack list for dogs, so don’t worry.

Check out your “memories” on social media

True, social media can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and melancholy. But it also includes a number of features that can help you feel better, such as the ability to post your daily humorous moments and then relive them when they appear in your feed as “memories” years later. Start the smiling cycle by sharing a funny thought or experience, and then sit back and enjoy the hilarious comments from your pals. If you don’t want to publish them yourself, follow a joke-a-day page to ensure that your feed is always light-hearted.

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